As we believe that the Company’s integrity is its power for existence, we commit ourselves:

  • To work dedicatedly and unceasingly towards the achievement of company goals and objectives with honor and dignity; 
  • To   fulfill  the   Philippine’s  dream of automation and  modernization  through our supply of highly technical and industrialized products; 
  • To decrease unemployment by creating positions in the industrial market by recruitment and referrals through our human resource and development programs; 
  • Finally, to emerge as an exemplary leader in our newly created world where business, pleasure, prosperity, camaraderie, and fair labor practices dwell together in the hearts of our personnel complement.



  • We strive hard to provide industry with the best product technology and the best service to help fuel our nation’s growth and development. 
  • We recognize the value of our people, harness their individual talents and motivate them to bring out the very best of their creativity.  We seek to continuously improve their way of life with a fair and generous compensation system commensurate to their efforts. 
  • We believe in the value of hard work, teamwork and cooperation as the solid foundation on which to build our goals and objectives. 
  • We recognize the customers as the focal point of our corporate existence; hence, their satisfaction and well-being are placed high above our priorities. 
  • We value the trust and confidence of our shareholders and are committed to provide continuous growth for their investments. 

The task ahead will not be easy, but with the aid of God, we, the framework of INTEGRATED HYDRO-PNEUMATIC SYSTEMS, INC. shall overcome and we will prevail.